September 17, 2022

Game Master
Jason - Tom
Diego - Krag Flippers
Justin - Nimbus
Joey - Arikir
Alejandro - Hex


"To Whom it May Concern, My imp of an offspring has disappeared in the middle of the night. The boy left dinner early after being admonished for his incompetence, barely even touching his caviar-steak dish before retiring to his wing of the manor. The next morning he was gone, his room was thrashed, and the only two witnesses have contradicting testimonies of the night. I am looking to hire a group of adventurers to find my boy, and either chastize his irresponsibility or rescue him from whatever thugs stole him." -Signed, Augustus Von Nuvelle

Plot Synopsis

Things happened in the marketplace, including the Hot Rock gun shop. They sold a poison/potion to Doctor Chad Docktor. The party made its way to the Shining Saint. Tom, the Rogue, learned geometry by sliding against the wall. Arikir used his Isis spells to gain the trustworthiness of the people in the bar, allowing them into the VIP section for the Golden Seraphim. The party was let in and spoke with both the bartender and the boss using their investigation and acting skills. They negotiated with the boss to be able to see Virion. They were hired to fight a gang known as the Silver Angels. The party found the small gang at the docks and posed as the pizza guys. It worked. Somehow. They almost killed the lawyer of the gang, Sol Goodguy. Sol passed out, and the party negotiated for a bit before the Silver Angels agreed to move to Tephis. Nimbus was confused. They got celebratory pizza. Afterwards they went back to the Seraphim and went to meet Virion. They were forced to leave based on the negotiations terms. Now they simply plan while Reginald the Butler joins the scene. Roger the zombie is stuck in the cart.

Noteworthy Postgame Events