September 10, 2022

Game Master
Jason - Tom
Diego - Krag Flippers
Justin - Nimbus
Ethan - Elerean
Joey - Arikir


"To Whom it May Concern, My imp of an offspring has disappeared in the middle of the night. The boy left dinner early after being admonished for his incompetence, barely even touching his caviar-steak dish before retiring to his wing of the manor. The next morning he was gone, his room was thrashed, and the only two witnesses have contradicting testimonies of the night. I am looking to hire a group of adventurers to find my boy, and either chastize his irresponsibility or rescue him from whatever thugs stole him." -Signed, Augustus Von Nuvelle

Plot Synopsis

Party showed up to the manor of the absurdly rich Augustus von Nuvelle. They met with the rich man, who gave them the story of Virion and his incompetence. The party went to investigate Virion’s room, finding a hole in the floor where a fountain used to be, as well as general disarray amongst Virion’s items. Elerean got knocked out by licking a poison. The Neptunian, Krag Flippers, found that the glass was outside rather than inside, meaning someone broke out rather than inside. The party talked with the captain of the guard. They discerned that the guards all smell like dead bodies. They took the helmet off of one guard, Roger. All the guards were zombies, except for the captain. They eventually *sniffed* out the truth and the captain began the fight. The party won, the captain almost drowned from the Neptunian’s water, and Roger followed the party to Markduk. They fast traveled via kart.

Noteworthy Postgame Events