September 24, 2022

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Coltingus Cascade
Weyn Baston


Shepherds Retreeat Session 3

Plot Synopsis

The party continues on their quest to see what is sickening the Southern Forest. After their encounter with the strange impish figure leading the undead sheep away from the forest, the party elects to tough it out and try to brave the night in the forest so that they might get to the center of the forest quicker. On their way they encounter a body of water which is very wide. Not wanting to chance the water in the darkness, the party decides to make a camp. On the morning, they split up to pursue two alternate methods of travel. Coltingus, Hijalcubo and NPC attempt to find a pathway across the water of some kind, while Weyn, Homer and Mathew attempt to make a raft. Path gang succeeds in finding a pathway which looks like a tunnel made out of branches and roots from the trees of the swampy, almost Mangrove tree looking vegetation. Raft gang accomplishes their task of making a raft, naming it the Humble Dolphin. It is terribly made, but somehow supports the weight of Homer, an aging Shell bearer with plate armor. Upon meeting back up, all but Homer decide to go through the tunnel, Homer elects to paddle away into the swamp. Tunnel party attempts to travel through the dimly lit tunnel, however lighting that would not burn the forest down is limited and the roots themselves began attacking them. All of this combined eventually persuaded the group to travel atop the tunnel. Homer meanwhile avoids having to deal with the various monsters in the swamp water by deciding to simply jump from tree to tree, carrying the raft on his shell. While traveling, tunnel gang attracted the attention of a strange giant amphibious creature and after a brief scuffle decided it would be better to run away. Homer at this point had reached the center of the forest and wandered around for a bit. Upon meeting back up they all booked it for a small hut situated in the middle of a set of standing stones all roughly weathered. The Monster attempted to follow but seemed horribly repelled by the stones and ran away. There, the party uncovered a series of letter scraps sewn onto the bodies of Gazerns which detailed a correspondence between two people. IN the middle of discussing what they had found they heard the sound of fighting. As it turned out, it was a contingent of Knights of Isis fighting, and eventually killing, the monster they had ran from. The party accompanied them on their way to Vesuna and received treatment for their various diseases.

Noteworthy Postgame Events