September 25, 2022

Game Start Date
Game Master
Fedor Koleganov


Explore the pyramid

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers climbed the pyramid, some of them losing a lot of DP to fall damage and failed AGI checks (buy skills)
They fight some statues guarding the insides of the entrance
They pick up a cursed key and go right
Fight some undeads and find a weapon made of green metal (Noxious Steel) inside the armory
They find a portal to some unknown dimension and giant skeletal hand tries to kill them as they attempt to close it
They attempt to rest, but midway through the rest Raik tries to steal the box from the pedestal in the center of the room.
They stop Raik and teleport the box to their airship
Xagrys the Lich is enraged that his phylactery was stolen and engages the party in combat.
Xagrys is defeated by Zekra and the pyramid collapses.
Airship party throws the box with the phylactery from great height, not checking if it is actually destroyed.
Adventurers made their way back to Tephis and get rewarded.

1000 gold and some items

Noteworthy Postgame Events