September 17, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Bill Well


Those dastardly, thieving bandits have struck again! Take up arms in this desert oasis and once again defend this caravan, your goods, and your payment from these outlaws!

Plot Synopsis

Party battles Zeke “Angel Eyes” Wilder in an oasis gorge, but the battle doesn’t last long before a well-timed Trench spell and large rock trap Wilder inside a hole. The party captures and interrogates him, but he refuses to say much. As the caravan moves on, they toss Wilder in one of Akvofilo’s crates, much to the merchant’s disdain.
Arriving at Tephis that evening, the party debates where to go, and Wilder breaks out of his bonds and makes a mad dash for freedom. Pursued by Volke, Ovata, and briefly Enyo, they end up clashing on top of a station wagon, where Volke pins him to the top of the carriage with a knife. The entire situation ends in a 10-carriage pileup, resulting in 13 injured and 4 dead. The skirmish ends as the rest of the party catches up and Wilder clotheslines himself on Ovata’s arm, knocking himself out.
Deciding to continue with their quest, the party drag Wilder’s unconscious body around to meet with their point of contact, H’reth Skullsplitter. She is more lenient than Renni and gives them half their pay now, then charges them with tracking down the stolen shotguns to pick up the other half. They shop briefly, purchasing various mundane adventuring equipment.
Following signs of the Iron Star, they talk their way (with Wilder’s unwitting help) into a black market, where they find one of the stolen shotguns sold to a halfling mob boss known only as Legs, and discover that the Kroan Dustriders are taking the rest north of Tephis, likely to Markduk. The party lets Wilder go and resolves to hunt the Dustriders down during the night.

Noteworthy Postgame Events