September 10, 2022

Game Start Date
Game Master


The Kroan Desert can be a harsh and unforgiving place on the best of days. One has to deal with the heat, all manner of nasty beasts, and on occasion bandits. You all look like a capable bunch. How would you like to brave this wasteland and help out a humble merchant? Don’t worry, you will be paid handsomely for your efforts.

Plot Synopsis

Party is hired by Gelfin Renni to defend a caravan from bandits in the desert. Before heading off the party is introduced to the captain Elafia Sylvie who they keep up to date on all the events of the journey. The party sets off and after some time they are attacked by the Kroan Dustriders who they fight off. After the fight party notices guns are missing from the weapon shipment Gelfin charged them to protect. They search the caravan questioning the Bucur nomadic orcs, Mr. Akvofilo, a water mage hiding from a loan shark and, Jovis Femmer an apprentice water mage. The caravan stops for the evening and the party talks to the other passengers trying to see if any of them stole the weapons and cannot find Akvofilo. They find him the next morning and threaten him to get his help and move on. The party is stopped at a gorge entrance by a magic lock that they open. Suspecting an ambush they head into the gorge finding an abandoned encampment. Just as they start to inspect it a bullet tears through a caravan wagon.

Noteworthy Postgame Events