September 25, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ovata Dell


After obtaining the first of the three stolen shotguns, you continue on through Tephis to find the bandits and retrieve the other two...

Plot Synopsis

Party comes to the northern portion of Tephis, and investigates a few taverns to find the bandits that stole their payment. In a restaurant called Sweets 'N Meats (which has good meats and terrible sweets) they find an awkward conman showing off a gun with an ornate scope, being questioned by a gnomish artificer named Gregory Elasys. They soon find that the scope's real current holder is a member of the Dustriders. They attempt to pilfer the gun and scope, but are caught by the bandits. However, a drunken situation with one of their number, a halfling named Jessica, allows them to escape Sweets 'N Meats and head to another bar, named Mishra's [rest of the sign was blown off.] Inside, they find that the other Dustrider members with the last gun have taken lodging up at a motel near the town's edge and are codenamed Curly and Waffle. The party finds their room and enters, with Waffle under the impression that they were members of the True Knights of Radiance. Upon realizing otherwise, a fight breaks out. Waffle is killed, and Curly is left unconscious. The party takes the ornate shotgun, engraved with Demonic script. They head to a temple of Tarus the next day and get the script translated, finding that it is a message telling some Order of the White Night cultists to rendezvous at Vesuna.
The party makes their way to Markduk with the caravan and catches a ride with a senile fisherman named John Oldman on his way to Vesuna. On the way, they encounter varied misadventures, including the fact that John is in fact a retired adventurer cursed with an addled mind, and a very capable air mage about 2% of the time. They arrive at Vesuna after two days at sea, and now are seeking an audience with the Knights of Isis.

Noteworthy Postgame Events