September 15, 2022

Game Master
Dan Weller
Topaz, Hooded Man, Ravenal, Charlie, Nakai


"Adventurers, I am Mayor Ludwick from the town of Flooded Grove in the Lojem Archepelago. As our name implies, we are a coastal town, though recently Neptune has found disfavor with us, and has been destroying our city slowly. I am asking for help in averting this matter"

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers went to the small town of Flooded Grove, did a bit of investigation where they found a cave beneath the city (Skipping a lot of what I had planned). Inside they found a elemental of neptune, mostly made of water. Topaz used an anti-magic item and it vanished. The city fell into the resulting sinkhole. Gold was 300 and one magic item went out. 2750 exp

Noteworthy Postgame Events