September 10, 2022

Game Start Date
Game Master
Weyn Baston
Coltingus Cascade


Shepherds Retreat

Plot Synopsis

Our adventurers gathered at the logging operation near the Southern Forest. Some of their number were residence of Vesuna and escaped to a world of adventure, others called the Forest home and responded to a plea for assistance to rid their home of nefarious influences. They all convened at the tent of Edgard Tillham, the logging camp's forman, where they were told of the dire circumstances (animal trampling and monster attacks, etc.) and advised to consult a few prominent higher ups in the organization to get further details. Coltingus and Hijalcubo left to track down Dee, the scouter, for information relating to recent monster attacks, NPC went to find Burren the eccentric maintenance officer, while Weyn and Mathew left to converse with Lida, the woman in charge of logistics. After not getting much more information from Lida, Weyn and Matthew went to look for Dee as well and found both Dee and the other party members discussing a track that Dee had found which looked most peculiar. Looking very much like a bear track but mangled, shallower and covered in some kind of sap-like residue. NPC, meanwhile, talked with Burren and managed to secure the investigation rights to a saw that exhibited some strange properties, rusting to the point of complete disrepair within only a month after being used. The party reconvened to cover what they had found, where NPC divulged the existence of the saw. Party attempted a few experiments with the sap-like residue after observing that the vial used to contain it had started to show signs of decay. It was revealed that this residue aged things unnaturally. After finding out where the logging operation, and the saw, had been used 1 month prior, the party left and arrived at the previous logging sight to begin further investigation. This time they found tracks looking to belong to some kind of hoofed animal and resembling the bear tracks found earlier that day, leading into the forest no less. The party endeavored to go exploring the forest, and in the process came upon more of the residue, finding that the substance exhibited the aging properties on people as well. In the darkness of the forest, they were ambushed by a manic panther on its way out of the forest. Combat ensued with the party eventually coming out victorious, but lost in the forest and still no closer to finding out what has caused the panic in the animals.

Noteworthy Postgame Events