September 04, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Fedor Koleganov
Zekra (Fire mage)


Black Heart of the Desert. After a particularly strong sandstorm, travelers coming into Tephis from Kroan Desert report sights of a large pyramid of black stone unearthed by the winds in the middle of The Scorching Valley. Dark energy emanates from the the structure raising ancient corpses buried in sand. Local temple of Anubis is looking for adventurers brave enough to investigate the Tomb.

Plot Synopsis

Party met up
Got a mission, got supplies for the journey and set off into the desert
1 day, they saw black obelisk with words in Immortui, Maris' corpse birds animated on their own and one of them flew away
2 day, they saw 1 mile long trail of crosses with animated remains of desert folk on them
3 day, they saw remains of the city.
4th day, their supplies got attacked by Blight Motes

Reward 2,500 xp

Noteworthy Postgame Events