August 30, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Richard Walls


The Sixth Silver Sun (AQPBD)

Plot Synopsis

The party was called to action on the plane of Gavvra by the Fifth Sun Armigers who asked them to stem a Hirudo incursion and prevent them from erecting an artificial sun in their sky, allowing the plane to be overtaken by night. They arrived and promptly engaged the invading forces within their sentient temple, defeating the Hirudo inside, slaying the animated temple, but allowing their leader to escape. Following some investigation and reassembly of the portal the leader escaped through, the party found themselves in a new plane dominated by adventurer Hirudo who claimed Apex lineage and who had entrusted themselves to the Corporation to achieve great power. The party found their escapee on television discussing politics and were found by his granddaughter, Trueshot Clara, who helped the party gain access to their quarry, Glen Baltic, by acting as the chosen warriors of his political opponent. Upon arrival, Glen subdued all the competitors and fought the party himself ending with several party members slain and Glen equally dead, when Clara tried to follow up on the task she'd assisted the party with she was attacked by an enraged Selene who succeeded in killing her also. Once the party was safely off-plane, the dead persons were returned to life by use of their "freebie" via Isis and their employers concluded things.

Noteworthy Postgame Events