August 28, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Meatball (Zachary)
Beowulf (Vincent)
Rex (Nathan)
Bartolomeo (Simeon)
Ignis (Connor)


Various city-state leaders, mercenary hirers, T'orites, and other law-abiding or law-profiting entities have noticed some- how you say- total bullshit going down in the frigid polar regions of the land. The town of Place and its surrounding, mostly peace-loving hamlets have dealt with an ongoing Akvo'Avian gang war for decades, but only now is it starting to heat up. "Organized crime is out of control!" says one politician. "How do the penguins even hold guns in their flippers?!" cries another. And you, dear adventurers, have been hired to go in and put a stop to this business by any means necessary!

Plot Synopsis

Arriving in a tavern at Place, the party quickly finds themselves caught in a sudden shootout that ends as senselessly and abruptly as it began. Deciding to investigate, they journey over to the side of town controlled by the blue-tie penguins, where they buy strange and unconventional weapons (blood-covered) for a bargain price! Afterwards, Meatball "accidentally" kills a child as he swings his battleaxe around, but they quickly find out that this sort of wanton death is simply accepted as a fact of life in this world. They talk to the leader of the blue-tie penguins, "Big Papa", discovering that the gang feud has been going on for decades and the two groups have seemingly forgotten the reason. After discovering that Big Papa is working on building a giant penguin-shaped mech to end this gang war once and for all, the party heads over to the other end of town to meet the leader of the red-ties, "Big Mama". She pays them off with lots of hard drugs for information on the blue-ties, before revealing her own plans for a giant penguin mech. Ignis presses a button to release the blue-ties' mech, starting a grand battle in the center of the city. The party commandeers Big Mama's mech, turning on her base to help Big Papa destroy the red-ties (in order to get payment from him as well.) The battle ends swiftly, with Beowulf ripping an arm off of the blue-ties' mech and Meatball and Rex both making off with portions of the red-tie mech. The town of Place is evacuated, and the red-ties' army wiped out. It may be messy, but this gang war is over, at least for now...

Noteworthy Postgame Events