August 20, 2022

Game Master


Whistling in the Dark

Plot Synopsis

The party met an orcish woman in the village of Yulanda’s Steading named Sylvia Hughstrom. She’s a quieter, shyer orcish woman who had to take stead in the mayor’s place after the mayor was kidnapped. She pointed the party in the direction of a series of caves that a mage previously inhabited.
After entering, the party found that the water in the cave had a strange leakage of magical energy infecting the water, causing any disturbance to glow with a rainbow color. Eventually, they found an out of place door painted into the side of a wall. Going through they ended up in a jail whose halls were shaped similarly to a sewer. They speedran ‘kidnapping’ a princess who was jailed there in a revolution, taking the guard with them because the party promised to protect him. Entering the real sewers, party barely escaped being flooded by a portal that opened up on one side of a tunnel. On the other side, they found a hole in the wall similar to the previous cave entrance.
Here, they ended up in a snowy, cold, abandoned mine that was known among locals for disappearances. The footprints in the snow were presumed to be either a prank pulled by a neighboring town, or ghosts walking into a cave previously thought of as haunted. It took some time, but the party made it to the cave with minimal damage from the sheer cold.
They came to a cliff-face on a large canyon. A small village was on the other side of this canyon. Directly above them was the bandit camp. Mercy pulled some HOA shenanigans with Mox, while the rest of the party fought for their lives. After knocking most of the bandits unconscious, except for the leader, Spice freed the captured villagers and found a journal. This journal seemingly belonged to Cranston Sir Binkel. There was a return address in back leading to a town in Lojem that none of the party had ever heard of. Mercy took in one of the bandits and the princess as doctors and the guard as a new bodyguard. Spice made everyone shrimp fried rice as a celebration. Rex and Tarian chilled together.
Gold 150
Exp 2500

Noteworthy Postgame Events