August 19, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Lili, Silas, Midna, Cyinder, Badigadi


Returning to Frosland

Plot Synopsis

Our adventure began with Silas, Cyinder, and Badigadi. Each of them visited Frosland for a reason of their own, be it seeking power or going to a festival. When they arrived, each of them was attacked by a valkyrie and killed in battle. Midna was also attacked and barely managed to survive long enough to get away via teleport. Lili was later teleported in by Winter. Our true adventure begins here though. All of the Jaernian gods were summoned by Orus in a metting of the godpact to discuss events that were beginning to transpire. First and foremost, the One With a Thousand Eyes (OWATE) had begun devouring planes around the multiverse, including some of the planes where the gods were storing the souls of the deceased. Secondly, it seemed that there was an invading major deity on Jaern, who was later found out to be Freya of Vanaheim. Freya had her plane devoured by OWATE and she threw herself into the astral sea to escape. Usually a fate worse than death for a god, but by the strings of fate, she ended up falling to Jaern with 9 of her valkyries. Freya sent out her valkyries to hunt down the adventurers she saw destroy her plane, inciting the events of this adventure.

Continuing, Winter teleported the group to his domain in Osiris' realms, where the group recuperated and decided what to do. They decided first to visit a friend of Silas', named Dr. Holiday who is one of the better researchers from Frosland. During this time Midna went and got prep stuff, Badigadi went and got burritos. Cyinder, Silas, and Lili all barely avoided a valkyrie getting into Dr. Holidays lab, where she rigged up a device for them to be able to track the location of the valkyries. They dropped 1,000 gold on her desk and left. The group met up again, and with valkyries closing in around, Lili used her magical senses to find a entrance to the dreaming, where they went in. Badigadi took damage as a valkyrie hit him with a spear. Inside the dreaming, they spoke to Winter again, who was in recess from the godpact meeting, and he teleported them to Vashana's manor. In Vashana's manor, they got gifts and learned more about Freya.

When the group felt ready, they went to meet Freya, doing the ritual of appeasement for her, causing her to appear and flanked by two valkyries. They persuaded and calmed her down with a cat, and convinced her that they were not the ones responsible for the death of Freyas plane. As she began to ally herself and offer her help to defeat OWATE, Lili noticed that it had been watching that whole time, and was looking mad from the woods behind Freya. A quick combat ensured, where Lili triple critted on her first round, two of which rolled as flat natural 100's. This killed this form of OWATE early, lili gliding through the air with the aid of the avatar of courage behind her, carving through it. Moments later, the godpact showed up, with the dead body of At'ena. Orus himself told the group to take the body of At'ena and her amulet, and put her to rest, to finally end this madness. He then opened a portal to At'enas realm, which they all entered.

Inside, the final fight against OWATE took place, brutal blows were exchanged with Silas, Cyinder, and Badigadi becoming fate cursed. They progressed, with At'enas body put upon her altar, and her amulet put back in the pedistal at the end of time. Though it became apparent that someone had to stay behind and hold it in place. Lili, seeing her fate coming to a close, stayed behind as the plane collapsed around her, dying permanently in the process. Cyinder succumbed to her fate curse, also dying. We shall see if Cyinder returns in a future game.

As an epilogue, Lili awoke near a sea of astral stars, a river of light and her dragon soul nearby. as she fell asleep for the final time, time began anew in At'ena's realm, and Lilis dream expanded, to become the first dream, the creation of the dreaming.

Noteworthy Postgame Events