August 12, 2022

Game Master
Hooded Man


Pearls Before Swine

Plot Synopsis

The party all met at the docks of Aurolis. Aurolis used to be a large city, but has slowly started to fall by the wayside due to the rise of the other smaller cities such as Helmsrest, Port Selene, and Prall to name a few. They were greeted by Theodore Nemo, a young merchant sailor, who gave them a bit of information about the eccentric old man that is the hirer. They also made the scientific conclusion that the oceans are freshwater because Neptune absorbed all the salt into himself.
The hirer, Reginald Thaddio, has lived on this island, secluded from the world for the past 40 years. His sister, Martha Thaddio, joined him 35 years ago after her husband died while they were almost penniless.
Party found a series of strangely colored pearls that were identified as being used for religious reasons. They were blessed by an off-plane nature deity named Gal. Gal specifically focuses on animals, from oysters, to pigs, to storks, to bugs.
Party eventually found a pig-like being called a Snorkian. This Snorkian was named Grlf. Names with vowels are for important people. If you become important, vowels are added to your name. Some Snorkians have the ability to mess with dreams, as Grlf did.
Party returned the pearls to the Snorkian people after following Grlf through a portal to their civilization. Upon returning, party spoke with Reginald about the whole misunderstanding, ending a possible planar war, and receiving 150 gold.
The group also learned a bit about the original owner of the house, Cranston Sir Binkel. Cranston was a super powerful air mage that researched a ton of Dimensions spells. Eventually, his experiments led to the area encompassing the house existing on a plane perpendicular to that of Jaern. Any plane that happens to be parallel to Jaern also runs through this perpendicular plane, leading to a large assortment of interplanar peril.
With party taking a rest in the basement before returning home, who knows what awaits them next? After all, plenty of things can lurk in the dark, especially things not meant to be there.

gold: 150
exp: 2,700

Noteworthy Postgame Events