August 06, 2022

Game Master
Dan Weller
Silas, Nys, Crow, Septarian


Spring into Action 2

Plot Synopsis

Continuing from the previous game, adventurers went into the throne room of the spring court, where they met a undead dragon sitting atop the throne. He monologued a bit, and promised to leave the Spring Court alone if they entertained him in a fight. A hydra was summoned and the fight took place. There was a whole puzzle with them trying to assemble a vial of alchemists fire to deal fire damage to stop the hydra's regeneration. They succeeded, however Nys decided she didnt like entertaining in a fight, so she went after the dragon itself. After finding that there was someone, quite literally, pulling the strings from the ceiling. Nys attacked him, irritating him. He used a control body effect on her, teleporting her to Silas and killing him with a backstab.
Silas ended up being resurrected at the Isisite temple nearby.

Noteworthy Postgame Events