June 29, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Wyren, Nys, Zekra, Spite


Dragon Guild 5: Continuations of Dragons Guild 4. The party has the angel Irin in witness protection within the town hall of Midnight's Rest. They are investigating the entity that they sensed and are continuing the investigation of the missing angels.

Plot Synopsis

Game exp 3000, 9/4/10079:
Game began with the part being split, so this will happen in 3 parts. First, Wyren went to the Demon Lounge where he broke up a fight, by causing a fight. He knocked a demon unconscious which began bleeding black blood and smoke from its mouth and nose. Wyren panicked and everyone left the tavern. Wyren talked with Tony, the owner, about the demon scene that had been going on, and got some useful information.
Nys went to Lizzies cauldron, where after chatting with Lizzie momentarily, Lizzie wanted to also find out what was going on. They performed an elaborate ritual that gave Nys a long, and convoluted vision of the future, with a long riddle of the future.
Zekra and Spite stayed at the town hall. A combat with the spirit entity Sul Khatesh occurred as she was trying to get Irin the angel from their protection inside. Sul Khatesh seemed almost too prepared for the fight, and killed Irin before fleeing with the dust she was disintegrated into.
Around this point, the party regathered where Wyren casted trace teleport, seeing that Sul Khatesh had teleported into the Demon Lounge. Moments later, and earthquake started in the city, with a surge of red energy coming out of the Demon Lounge. It seems that a massive rift to the beneath was opened within the Demon Lounge, with 4 large chains coming through, and beginning to pull Midnights Rest through. Zekra communed with some spirits before the city slipped into the first layer of the beneath, the portal closing behind it. They received some visions of how to stop this disaster of Midnights Rest being pulled into the River Styx.

Noteworthy Postgame Events