June 22, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Wyren, Nys, Zekra


I am in need of investigators. Discretion is needed. Meet at the Dragons Guild at dawn tomorrow - Saheeli

Plot Synopsis

Game began with adventurers waking up drunk in the White Pyre of Midnight's rest. Nys, in the form of Maya, noticed another changeling come in and make a posting before leaving quickly. Intrigued, Maya and then Wyren followed this changeling back to the Dragons Guild (Tavern) where they talked. Mars, the new changeling, said that her wife had asked her to make a posting to hire adventurers, as she had grown concerned about some missing regulars. Around this time Zekra showed up, being ejected from the timestream, as he does. He had received a brief, vague vision of the future. The party talked for a while with Mars about the missing patrons, asking a lot of questions and getting a book of faces of the visitors from the previous night. Zekra took the time to go and meditate, where he communed with the spirits, only to find that they had all gone missing, except for one massive spirit that was forcing the rest of the spirits away. Almost like a vacuum. This spooked Zekra out of his meditation. During this time, Wyren and Nys went to the city hall to get the addresses of the missing people, and Nys talked with her Orphan spy group, finding out that all of the missing people were celestials. They did more investigating, and went by the golden vixen to ask Demeaux, if there was any missing patrons. She admitted that she knows of the missing people, but not personally. Having exhausted their leads here, they went to a bookshop run by the angel Irin. While there, they decided that this angel was in danger, and they needed to put her in witness protection. On the way of bringing her to the town hall, they encountered a malevolent spirit and Wyren bolted with Irin on his back. Zekra felt the presence, and Nys made eye contact with it, taking damage in the process. They did make it to the town hall, and put Irin into a protective room. Zekra decided to stay and protect her. Nys/Maya decided to go to Madam Lizzies coven to get more information. Wyren is going to the demons bar for more information.

Noteworthy Postgame Events