June 13, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Shiyana (Daughter of Garen and Zelda, a sniper Vormaxian Psion)


Following the opening of a massive sinkhole south of Uzumi, Firehammer Hold is hiring adventurers to carry out first surveys into the area. A few mining crews have already set up in the bountiful upper levels, but the lower expanse of this area remains unknown - and the unknown means danger for the common man. Responding adventurers will be duly equipped for spelunking and well rewarded.

Plot Synopsis

Terra Asunder I
The party, consisting of Adeline, Shiyana, Caspian, and Gardenia, arrive at the Ageron Maw and consult with a lead miner at the base camp. He gives them some information about strange monsters appearing in the mines and produces a magical crystal, which the players later find attracts these monsters. They are tasked to find a group of mages that had gone into the mines to investigate these crystals and did not return, and in addition are given an incomplete map and told that the more they finish on this map, the more they will be paid.
Upon being attacked by a group of monsters, the party runs away and finds themselves abruptly teleported to a lush cavern with a large crystal tree. They find that this tree is the center of a massive magical network that spreads throughout the caves and seems to be able to warp time and space. They explore more into the cave and find odd, floating fungal creatures that don’t seem hostile, but are nevertheless dangerous due to their apparent ability to convert other organic mass into fungus. Quickly leaving the cavern and dodging out of the way of another pack of crystal beasts, they leap down a subterranean sinkhole resembling one at the surface and land in a deep pool of water. Swimming to the edge, they find themselves within a grand necropolis, with a single flickering campfire in the distance: the first sign of humanoid life they’ve seen since leaving the mines.

Noteworthy Postgame Events