June 11, 2022

Game Master


Empire of Dragons 5

Plot Synopsis

Party arrived at the top of the tower where they faced off against the first general of the Drakias empire. General Nidhogg. party fought a long and grueling battle against wave after wave of Nidhogg's minions as well as attacks from the general himself. the battle was fierce and both Tippi and Maris were downed in the fight with Maris loosing her body to the corruption but learning that in this realm it is easier for souls to possess objects. during the battle against the general it was both Keket and Cyndir who brought the general to his knees only for him to reveal his second form. as the battle continued Lavare launched a rod of god at the general. pining him to the ground but still not killing him. finally after several more blows from party the general released a powerful blast in an attempt to murder party but they ultimately failed. party was able to heal the crystal and reactivate a second tower. Midna spent exp on using a rate burner from metallurgy to build Maris a new body.

exp for game: 3,000

Noteworthy Postgame Events