June 04, 2022

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The Garden of Eternal Delights and Horrors

Plot Synopsis

After being contacted and informed by Gordon Ramesses the 716th, party traversed a strange pathway between dimensions and eventually met up with the Gate Guardian. He told them that if they did not have a reservation then they could either fight him or swear a Solemn Vow to not steal any food from the Garden. After agreeing to take the Vow, they made their way to an Olive Garden and ate some fine food and drank a fine assortment of foods. Afterwards they declared they would like to order carryout, to which the Head Chef issued a series of trials they would need to undergo to receive their carryout. The first trial was a cook-off which almost ended with Ymir getting their spine severed by a bag of all-purpose flour, but Damien managed to heal him. After succeeding in the first trial, the next trial was to run a Wipe-out style obstacle course with an Olive Garden theme. After running the gauntlet and getting doused in jets of classic vinaigrette comparable to fire hoses in strength, Ymir managed to make it to the end, where the Head Chef bestowed upon him a Golden Bay Leaf, which would summon the carryout dish of their choice. Ymir selected a lamb entree with a side of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which the party ferried over to Gordon Ramesses the 716th, who proceeded to collapse out of delight.

Noteworthy Postgame Events