June 06, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Pakul, Midna, Fish, Wyren, Roger


"Hello fellow adventurers. Since my hiring last time went so well, I thought it would be best to reach out again. I am in need for some durable adventurers to retrieve a book of mine I left in a library before I moved planes. Ive been told that some enemies of mine may be seeking it out to destroy it, so I would like it back. I can offer small blessings as payment if you succeed. -Saheeli"

Plot Synopsis

Adventurers met at the Dragons Guild within the Icewind District of Midnight's Rest. There, they were informed by Saheeli on what their task would be, to retrieve a book of hers. It was located within a personal demiplane of hers, a personal library that books she liked. Adventurers agreed and travelled to her personal library, where they were greeted by their first challenge. A deva construct was guarding a gate, and would ask a question of anyone who wished to pass. It asked existential questions to each of them, seeking an answer that related to doing good, or helping your friends. Pakul was unable to answer anything other than 'I kill people', for lack of a better term, so the Deva gave them a stern talking to before allowing them to pass. Inside, they discovered the corpse of a divine dog, that had been used to planeshift demons and the hellish divine servitor of Kelvar. They found the demons ransacking the library, seeking the book they had been sent to collect. After some sneaking, they found that they had to use a specific book they had been given as a key to pass into the stars as the ceiling. Fish entered first, and saw the deva again, who asked him 'what is the meaning of life'. Fish answered incorrectly, and was killed. (Anthony did pay 3900 exp for resurrection). Midna was able to give the right answer from the books they had read, and retrieved the book of exalted deeds.

Noteworthy Postgame Events