May 01, 2022

Game Master


Adaptatron Terror

Plot Synopsis

Game Listing:
May 31st, 7:00 PM est, continuation of previous week’s game Adaptotron Terror After a rather unpleasant and a very workforce-hostile conversation with the professor, party made their way through the basement now controlled by the learning automatons they were sent to destroy. After befriending one of said robots, they have managed to make their way to the manufacturing floor of the lab, where more traps, hostile automatons, and witty banter with robot overlords awaits them. (Dungeon crawl through what basically amounts to Dwemer ruins from skyrim but the automatons are actually hostile instead of just being a security system, cap of 6 players, signups start tonight at midnight est in game1-textchannel , but anyone from last game can sign up immediately).
Noah (Sylas)
Anthony (Fish)
Logan (Combl)

What Happened:
Party made their way onto the manufacturing floor of the facility, where several automatons obscured their path forward. Fish kidnapped a small robot that looks like clank from ratchet and clank with a baseball bat along the way. Party then approached the automaton in charge of the floor, loader bot, whom Fish also kidnapped after destroying almost all his limbs, excluding one gun-arm.

Vincent was the GM. Noah co-GM

standard exp for game

Noteworthy Postgame Events