May 29, 2022

Game Master


Beast of the North 2

Plot Synopsis

the continuation and conclusion of the Beast of the North game. the party set traps and prepared for the arrival of the beast. party was able to spring a surprise attack on the beast that greatly injured it and forced it to heal itself. the beast using it's unique energy disk cut off the legs of Wysteria, Kirin, and Klubo. the battle raged on for several rounds (taking about an hour out of game). during the second half of the fight several adventurers were hit with a water breath when the beast briefly tried to retreat and then going into it's rage mode it attempted to sever the limbs of the rest of the party. however despite losing a few of their limbs party was able to finally defeat the beast and save a guardian spirit that had been cursed by the beast. the spirit helped reattach the members lost limbs and aided them in their journey back to the tribe. upon arriving to the tribe party was celebrated as heroes and as promised were given their choice of werebeast blood to consume and become part of. only Wysteria declined and was instead payed 150 gold for their trouble.

exp: 2,700 for non low rates. 5,200 for low rates (200 bonus for surviving a tough boss fight)
gold: 150 to Wysteria for turning down the magic item reward.

Noteworthy Postgame Events