May 22, 2022

Game Master


Beast of the North 1

Plot Synopsis

Party traveled to Frosland where they met their guide who brought them even further north to the freeze. vast sheets of ice several feet thick greeted the party as well as the tribe of the lycans who asked for the party's assistance in hunting down a beast that is not of this world. party accepted with some agreeing to the payment of allowing them to gain lycan forms via a blood ritual. party set off north and while making their way they encountered strange creatures that attacked them. both Clobu, Kirin, and Wysteria almost died however thankfully the party was able to successfully fight off the creatures and kill them before they could regenerate and come back to life. party then found the lair of the beast where it had taken a spirit and corrupted it. forcing it to lay eggs so that it could spread it's horrible kin across the north.

exp: 2,700

no gold reward

Noteworthy Postgame Events