May 28, 2022

Game Master


Empire of Dragons 3

Plot Synopsis

the third game in the empire of dragons campaign (the dragon alchemist being number 2). party set off to the next tower to begin the process of reversing the corruption. along the way though they decided to go and investigate the palace of the Imperium dragon. their they encountered a stronger variant of the Drakias enemy. having defeated it and it's minions the party managed to enter into the shielded palace thanks to Tippi using the amulet that was given to them by the lord archivist. the party split up with Mercy, Cyndir, and Maris heading to the crypts where they met an ancient dragon soul who seems to have lost most of their memories (as well as shown to be a little insane). in the main gathering hall, Keket, Lavare, and Tippi saw strange visions from an artifact in the room and acquired the scepter of the dragon's call. an ancient artifact that would summon the dragons to aid in the war. however the artifact is broken and has instead summoned Maratheru, son of Calix'Thule. party now heads off to the Magus tower in the palace and will soon head back out to the tower.

exp: 2,700

Noteworthy Postgame Events