May 25, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller


Wrath of Titans 5. Players are in the moongifted city, and on the precipice of the lab they have been looking for.

Plot Synopsis

As a note, dates are highly incorrect. Game dates have not been updated in some time.

Players having arrived to the Moongifted capital city last session, and having gotten into a fight with a monstrosity, travelled towards the center of the city only to find a ritual being performed to create a different monstrosity. The gate guardian Ameth was present, but also not quite like itself, being a dull grey color until a man injected something into it, and it became energized. Silas decided to sunstrike the area with a special item he had, initiating combat. During this combat, Zekra died, and 4 players were mutated for negative effects, which were removed not long after. I would rate this fight a 5/10 on my personal difficulty scale. After killing everyone in the town, the players went into the lab to confront Van Kleiss, and get an explanation of what was going on with the nanite plague. He was vague, and made a quick escape after setting the reactor to detonate. Players tried to stop him, but he disappeared in a golden portal, which was a bit of a plot device. Players went back to Dr. Holiday, and received their reward of a customized non-magical mutate.

Noteworthy Postgame Events