May 21, 2022

Game Master


The Dragon Alchemist

Plot Synopsis

a continuation of the empire of dragons campaign. party went to the eastern tower where they went off to rescue the dragon alchemist known as Zemic. on the way there party decided to go through a temporal zone to shave off some time. however most of party except for Tippi got de aged by 10 years. resulting a lot of party becoming younger. party then also went into a village where they aided one dragon soul into it's reincarnation, passing on some of their beliefs and some of their knowledge onto the young dragon. party arrived at the tower and aided in defeating a corrupted Drakias legionare. after that party was able to free Zemic from their prison and reactivate the tower, creating a safe zone for them and also now having freedom to tackle the next towers.

exp: 2,700
gold: 600 (lump sum from last game and this game)

Noteworthy Postgame Events