May 18, 2022

Game Master
Dan Weller
Zekra, Silas, MadMushroomGuy, Ciara, Spite


Wrath of Titans 4: Party has been travelling northwards through Delver territory on Titans Maw. Seeking to get to the great ring to speak with the Moongifted about the war that has occurred across Titans Maw, as well as seeking out who 'The Lord' is.

Plot Synopsis

Party travelled northwards, where they encountered two new PC's joining for the summer. (this took a while). They then had to figure out how to get past a magical cursed fog, which did curse Spite and will slowly drain his DP until death. Inside the city, half the party started a deadly fight which drained some HEA points with a mutated monstrosity. Silas split off and watched a blood ritual performed with Ameth, the winged beetle spirit. This created a new monstrosity.

Noteworthy Postgame Events