May 12, 2022

Game Master


Faultline Breach

Plot Synopsis

The party (Adeline, Fish, Sym, and Kisha) arrive at the edge of Uzumi where a triage site is located. The leader of this site, named Anja Natlanis, hands them some flares to alert the group and lets them know which locations of Uzumi have sustained the most damage. On the way out, the party notices a gnomish professor asking for attention and lets him speak. He shares some details on leyline theory and guesses that disturbances in these leylines, paths in the world by which magic flows, have caused the earthquakes. There are two theorized leyline nodes nearby, one in the ocean and one on land just south of the city.

The party sets off, casting Osirisite spells to restore structures in large radii and free people from the rubble they were trapped in. They make their way to the university by the shore, saving any civilians they find along the way. It seems that each time they cast a spell, however, an aftershock occurs. They ride out the shocks and make it to the university, where a researcher speaking Tusparol asks them to save books from the library before saving them. The party collects dozens of books, placing them in an extradimensional space for transfer back to the triage site. Afterwards, they spot a small fleet offshore while evacuating the observatory, which turns out to be a band of Onivero. After a long game of telepathic charades, the party figures out that the Onivero will take care of the disturbed ocean leyline node, but that the land one is about to activate, and some sort of magic explosion is needed to prevent destruction.
Setting off to that location, the party finds that a valley is slowly twisting down into a massive sinkhole nearly a met wide, and a crystal in the center of a pond seems to be the nexus of the sinking. They attempt to use Fish to staple a crack in the ground, which barely works for about ten seconds. After this, they work their way down through the forming sinkhole to the crystal, pulling it out of the ground and destroying it. The shockwave that follows nearly kills Adeline, but stops the shaking. The bottom of the pond then collapses away, revealing a tunnel stretching down and away into some unexplored cavern…
Earnings: 2500 XP and 200 Gold

GM is Kioni

Noteworthy Postgame Events