May 08, 2022

Game Master


Birdbrained Break

Plot Synopsis

The party (Vyrit, Tethys, Wyren, and Beowulf) arrives to a small town in the frozen north of Cayhali, named Place. Immediately upon arriving, they notice that the town is embroiled in a tense war between two organized gangs of Akvo’avians (penguin folk). One gang wears red, and the other wears blue. After shopping about for a bit, they arrive to the warehouse where the hirer is: an old Akvo’avian who is the patriarch of the red gang. On the way, Vyrit causes some chaos and stirs up the gang war to unprecedented heights. The old man asks the party to break his son out of prison, informing them that this prison is a giant maximum-security airship that travels around. Arrangements have been made to get them into the prison.
The party gets some slushies, and then the prison arrives to pick them up. Using some quick thinking, they manage to break out of their cells a little after being detained and start a large-scale prison riot. In the chaos, they locate the old man’s son, named Joe Feathers, who isn’t interested in getting broken out, as he has a comfortable life here and has managed to essentially run the prison from inside his cell. The party manages to convince him that his life will be comfortable back home, and he begrudgingly agrees. With some tinkering with the boilers of the airship, the party sets it on a crash course to Place. They manage to steer the airship enough to crash it into a snowdrift and miss the town itself. Joe Feathers and the party are unhurt, and the old man rewards them for their trouble, ignoring the possible death toll that has resulted.
Earnings: 2500 XP, 200 Gold

Kioni was the GM

Noteworthy Postgame Events