May 14, 2022

Game Master


Empire of Dragons I

Plot Synopsis

Party entered in through the great vortex, a massive space station that opens a portal to the personal plane of the primordial god Kelvar, mother of dragons. the party went into the realm to find it shattered and under attack from a corruption that is slowly destroying the personal plane. party then helped a pair of dragons that were defending the great wheel. an ancient device that allowed for dragons to reincarnate into new dragon bodies and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of dragons. party helped defeat 4 corrupted wyrms that were attacking the wheel. after their successful battle Cyndir attempted to devour the soul of the wyrms. which caused Cyndir to take on the first stage of corruption. party then traveled to the last bastion of the dragons. here party rested and learned how they could fight back against the corruption. now party has a plan to head east to find the dragon alchemist Zemic who can help fight the corruption.

exp: 2,700

gold: 300 (will be given as a lump sum)

Noteworthy Postgame Events