May 10, 2022

Game Master


Dragon Dreams

Plot Synopsis

the party is drawn to the White Pyre at Midnight's Rest where they are met with a dragon in disguise known simply as Rhyer. Rhyer guides the party to the planet Kleemundor where they see and head into the Great Maw of Klee. an ancient pilgrimage site for the dragons of Torandor who whished to die peacefully. having made it into the city the party learns of some of the interactions that the ancient dragon empire had with the veiled empire. the party completed a series of small trials and combated the corruption that was spreading throughout the tower. as they made it to the top of the tower they were transported to the great vortex. a massive space station and portal that lead into the dragon realm and the personal plane of Kelvar, the primordial dragon. party defeated the guardian of the station and soon stood at the gate which had now been opened

Prequel to the empire of dragons campaign

exp: 2,700

gold: none (will be tallied out later)

Noteworthy Postgame Events