April 23, 2022

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Ignis Buck Shot


Return to the Isles

Plot Synopsis

After analyzing the situation and trying to contact the proper authorities on the Nevami Isles, the party decides to disembark and head to the closest island. While there they observe that there is no sign of habitation and that the island was more or less abandoned. After some investigating the party uncovers a hole that was dug out beneath a bunk inside of a building some distance away from the main structure of the island, and decide to investigate it further. After a period of around half an hour exploring these tunnels dug roughly out of the very stone on the islands, they come out to a basement structure of what appeared to be an office building on the second island. Lorenz was sent out to do some scouting, where he saw several Thralls walking through the streets of the city, as well as an Ordos Chronos Temple. Feeling curious, Lorenz ascended to the very top level of the temple, where he managed to evade detection by a member of the Ordos Chronos who was composing a report regarding the state of affairs of a skeleton crew left at some time period as well as the successful importation of extravagantly large amounts of quicksilver and salt. Feeling concerned, Lorenz attempted to return to the party, but could not do so before the second island went on full alert as Tenson, the leader of the Ordos Chronos, revealed he had been listening in on the party's exploits through their Time Stabilizers. He warned them not to interfere with his plans as he was engaged in a deal with the One With A Thousand Eyes. He revealed that he had modified the process of tether binding to accommodate a less than demonic being, and in exchange for letting the One With A Thousand Eyes have all of the timelines and souls in them for itself, it would allow the Veiled Empire to persist in a time bubble, forever. After learning this, the party made a mad dash back through the tunnels, fighting Thralls all along the way, until the managed to get back to the third Island, where they began searching for explosive devices to destroy the focusing object that Tenson would need to channel the power of the One With A Thousand Eyes. While doing that, they were all contacted one after the other by the One With A Thousand Eyes, who offered them a deal. In exchange for stalling an additional 30 minutes and allowing the ritual to be completed, it would manage to break the deal with Tenson and gain dominion over all timelines but would allow the party's timeline as they know it to persist, until it returned again, eons from now to repeat this cycle and reap the infinite timelines which would sprout anew. It promised gifts and offered promises that its word was true, and in this moment of desperation for some, greed for others, and despair for many in the party, they elected to trust The One With A Thousand Eyes. The party allowed all timelines, save for theirs and the ones which were dependent on their timeline, to be harvested, and as they watched darkness take time itself, Ignis was granted a boon of sight and service, and Mesa and Lorenz were granted knowledge of a new sub-art of demon binding, that they may be more tightly intertwined with The One With A Thousand Eyes. As they reflected on their choice, The One With A Thousand Eyes allowed them to return to their timeline, broken and compromised, to live out their lives, and to enact their will on the timeline they had sacrificed all others to preserve.

Noteworthy Postgame Events