April 16, 2022

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Ignis Buck Shot


Sherwood Must Die - Episode 3

Plot Synopsis

Ayuz, Ignis, Damien, Fyen, and Bauer were promptly sent into a holding cell in the Beginners Luck where they discovered that Jack and Steven had tried to sneak on board and assassinate Sherwood a few days prior. Meanwhile Mesa was led off to Sherwood's private gambling quarters and invited to a few sporting games before the main event. Also during this time, Lorenz was granted the duel with Sherwood that he had requested all that time ago, however, his fight would be with a Sherwood from the past, who was retrieved during one of the test runs. After preparing himself, Lorenz walked out into a specially built arena on the deck to face off against the Sherwood from the past, but before even the first blows could be exchanged, Sherwood collapsed to the floor and began transforming into something entirely unexpected. Meanwhile the party confined to the holding cells were staging a breakout through a mixture of sheer might and explosives, ultimately ending with some friendly fire, but otherwise a successful attempt. Lorenz, on the other hand was having less luck, as he and the monstrous creature Sherwood had transformed into were having trouble landing decisive blows against each other. Eventually growing tired of the back and forth, The creature broke out of the arena and started wreaking havoc on the ship, Lorenz pursued. At around this time, for no reason the party members could discern, the Time Stabilizer on board began acting strangely and catapulting the Beginners Luck backwards and forwards in time. This caused a massive scramble from all groups as Lorenz attempted to track down the Monster, Aryen tried to locate Lorenz, Ignis, Ayuz and Damien attempted to reach the Stabilizer and Mesa tried to leave the confines of the gambling room to locate the rest of party at the stabilizer room. After much confusion and panicked escapes from the monster on board, they all eventually reconvened in the Stabilizer room, where Sherwood promptly surrounded them and prepared to attack if he needed to. At this moment, from beneath their very feet, the monster launched itself upwards toward the Stabilizer, and , powerless to stop it, the party watched as it plummeted down and with one blow crushed the Stabilizer and sent the entire Ship careening wildly across time itself. After some time, no one knows exactly how long, the rest of party awoke on board the ship and drifting ever so gently across the waters of the Nevami Isles, where they promptly began assaulting the Sherwood pirates that were unconscious on board and killed Sherwood with extreme aggression.

Noteworthy Postgame Events