August 06, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Ian Seelbach
Black Ivan
Mr. Flannigan
St. Claude (Dead now, but not really)
Anna - Priestess of Isis


Adventurers required to assist with matters dealing with the plague. If interested, please seek Anna at the Stopover Inn at 10 am.

Plot Synopsis

The adventurers are met by a woman dressed in the robes of a priestess of Isis, perhaps in her early thirties, who introduces herself as Anna. She is accompanied by two fellows in wizard robes. Once all have arrived, she gestures for them to eat while they get to business.

Story is, she.s been dealing with the plague since it was still contained on its original island, and due to her experience is leading in efforts combating it. One of the key problems so far has been with the infected dwarven population. Though fewer dwarves find themselves susceptible to the illness, those who do become infected cannot be helped as they cannot be magically healed, which is the only method of dealing with the disease thus far. Research has provided one possible solution: a narcotic plant that was nearly wiped out a century ago that had a side effect of lessening the dwarven resistance such that a single dose of the drug will allow a dwarf to be magically healed once. Due to the numerous other side effects of the drug, as well as its addictive and violence-inducing properties led to its banning in many nations and its eventual purging. However, the original island it was found on was an isolated jungle, and in the intervening years has regrown. It is possible that some samples of the plant can be found on the island. Desperate for any solution, the powers that be have decided to send a mission to find any bits of it, and a group of adventurers should be able to handle any difficulties along the way. Anna and her companions will be accompanying the adventurers to assist and to get them the resources to get there the fastest.

The party begins by traveling through a secured (and already infected) portal hub to an island closer to their destination, where they take shadow aerodrako transport to another island, where they stop for the night and then take more shadow aerodrakos to the island.

When they reach the island, the party lands and begins cutting their way through the jungle on the way to center, where the plant tended to be found in the past. After some travel, one of them spots an ancient, falling-apart shack in the jungle. Soon a quick battle with a group of tigers that had taken it for their lair ensues, leaving a lot of dead tigers and one dead mage. A number of the party notice Anna casting on the dead mage for moment and frowning afterwards, though none question her.

After some time, Sam finds what appears to be a trail, and they follow it towards the center of the island. After some time, a little scouting shows that there is a small clearing up ahead. They see a small group of people who appear to be harvesting something from the forest, and after some time decide to approach. Claude finds a perch in the trees and various others hide at distances into the forest (Anna being convinced to stay the furthest away), while Eric approaches. After calming the people, they talk and most of the harvesters appear noticeably .high.. The party finds out that the harvesters are indeed getting some of the plants that the party needs to sell as a drug (one person is stationed at a cauldron apparently preparing it). After some negotiating, Eric convinces them to sell him a large quantity of the plants (stored in for transport) and some of the product for a good sum of money. After the deal is complete, Eric gives a signal and Claude shoots the leader of the harvesters in the head. A full-out slaughter ensues, and in the chaos, Eric and a number of the crates disappear. The remaining crates are gathered, and Anna and her surviving mage companion are brought up. The mage casts an Otherworld to the secured portal hub, through which a number of farmers, priests, and security forces come through.

The adventurers are thanked, paid, and sent on their way.

Notable Post-Game events:

Dwarves are now able to be .relieved. of plague symptoms as others, as long as they are given a dose of the drug (currently available only by strict distribution by large temples and the missionaries they have sent to heavily dwarven cities).

Noteworthy Postgame Events