April 19, 2022

Game Master


Aphotic Silence 5-final

Plot Synopsis

The party wakes from their rest still exhausted, but rejuvenated enough to tackle the next day. Continuing carefully to the central island of the Caverns of Barathrum and skirting its edge stealthily, the party reaches the Whale Temple, across a ravine that the squid horrors have taken as their spawning grounds. They carpet the bottom of the ravine, but so far don’t seem particularly hostile. Keket flies the party across the ravine, and they continue on to the Whale Temple, a huge library. In the center stands the statue of Barathrum, holding a crystal in one hand and a scroll in the other that reads the instructions to this temple’s puzzle - a clue-based logic one. The party must match figurines of adventurers to their weapons and backgrounds, gaining clues as they reveal personal secrets to the statue. Beowulf, Keket, and Adeline reveal secrets in exchange for three clues, allowing the party to piece together the puzzle. At its completion, the figures come to life and enact a simulacrum of the ancient battle with the Geneszoic. When the battle is over, the final pillar lights up and the demigod is freed.
The party rushes over, doing all they can to defeat it. Quickly, Maris succeeds on a Break Thought and Keket takes advantage of its newly confused state by convincing it to attack the lesser horrors that it has summoned from the depths. Making use of a long-abandoned cannon that channels priestly power, the party slowly cripples the monster over a long fight. Finally, with the sacrifice of nearly all her innate magic, Adeline fires the cannon one last time to constrict and cut off its head, leading to the death of all lesser tentacled horrors in the area, save for those kept safe in Fish’s bag. The babies have become docile and friendly, and the adult that was turned at the Tidal Tithe is transforming back to his former human state. The party plunders the riches in the ruins, then returns through the portal to a Vy’enkko free of the Geneszoic’s influence - it seems that the aphotic depths, at last, have fallen silent.

game ran by Kioni

gold: 1,000 (total sum from previous games)

exp: 2,700

Noteworthy Postgame Events