April 09, 2022

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Ignis Buck Shot


Sherwood Must Die - Episode 2

Plot Synopsis

After rescuing the off-plane scientist Dona Trelen from the Sherwood Pirates sent to escort her to Port Davis, the party determines that the best course of action moving forward is for Fyen to impersonate Professor Trelen and infiltrate the larger group of Sherwood pirates awaiting her arrival, in hopes of finally finding where Beginners' Luck and Pirate Lord Sherwood disappeared to. In order to make the ruse believable, the party went on a shopping spree to locate the most gaudy clothing they could possibly find, so as to make themselves look like pirates under Sherwood's employ. After a spectacular arrival, Fyen and Damien manage to secure a position among the escort group, while the rest of the party tails from a significant distance away. After a period of some two hours they arrive before a recently constructed compound of substantial wood and stone walls, containing a storage facility and a humongous dry dock. After preliminary investigation of the building where they discover travel plans of the Beginners' Luck over the past few days, Fyen and Damien instigate a breakout, while the rest of party attempts to break in from the outside. After a prolonged conflict, the party is surprised by the sudden appearance of the Beginners' Luck near the dry dock. After a volley of sleep bombards which exploded due to the copious amounts of fire at this point, the party was strong-armed into leaving all of their weapons in the blasted compound under threat of additional barrages and the destruction of Port Davis, which they were told was rigged to explode. Upon being allowed to board the massive ship, they were led to a shack-like construction on the deck of the ship, where they finally encountered Edward G. Sherwood himself, lounging in a fainting couch and surrounded by exotic animals from his menagerie. There he revealed that he had received a time travel device from an anonymous source and with the aid of various Earth mages and scientists, unlocked its ability to extrude others through time and furthermore discovered a way to transport the entire ship through time itself. He additionally revealed to Fyen, Ayuz, and Lorenz that he had been awaiting their arrival so that he could gloat to them and see failure in their eyes. With no other options left open to them, the party began bargaining with Sherwood, ultimately leading to Mesa proposing a game with Sherwood, one last gamble with the party's freedom as the stakes. They reside on the Beginners' Luck, subject to the might of Sherwood, betting it all on one last game.

Noteworthy Postgame Events