April 13, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Dan Weller
Ciara, Spite, Silas, N'oh


Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am seeking those for hire who would help locate and clean out my old labratory. It recently went through some interplanar time travel, so I expect it to be in rough shape. If you have interest, you can meet the ship on Titans Maw when it arrives on appx 7/2/10079. Ive been told that the Cromwell family has a dock on the south tip of the island. So I shall be there.

Plot Synopsis

For the first session of this campaign. The players met up with Dr. Holiday on Lord Cromwells outpost on Titans maw. She explained that she was looking for her old labratory, which had traveled through space and time along with her, to wind up here on Jaern. She had tracked it to Titans maw, but due to contamination, could not find where it was. Adventurers agreed to be paid by lord Avery for their assistance, and by Dr Holiday upon success. They went into the jungle and had 3 random encounters. The first of which was a blue luminescent fog that lit up the riverbank where they were sleeping. Silas touched it and failed a HEA save. The second encounter was an abandoned camp, where they discovered a lot of bloodshed, and items the natives shouldnt have. Learning more about the situation. Lastly, they encountered Nidalee, a exiled Delver who explained that the tribe was going mad, and that a sixth gate guardian had appeared.

Noteworthy Postgame Events