April 09, 2022

Game Master
Rex Ardain


Dark Dragon Mithal

Plot Synopsis

The party awoken in the temple of the black flame in the land betwix. the party met with the lady of the black flame who told them to go to the east and slay the dark dragon known as Mithal. once a servant to the lord of light who fell to the Heretic Prophesies. party gathered supplies from the others who were in the temple and learned of the dragons weakness. along the way party was able to aid a follower of the god Tengris and escort them quickly back to the temple. once that was done party regrouped and continued eastward until at night in the swamps they found and did battle with the two headed dragon Mithal. Nostra used a powerful poison to greatly weaken the dragon Mithal. however at it's weakest point it ripped off it's second head and grew a third. it viciously attacked party until Nostra died. however Rex was able to use one of the magic scrolls they acquired to deliver the final blow to Mithal. at the end party was able to recover one of Nostra's legs and through the power of the land betwix, was able to use their Isis Rez to fully revive themselves. Party then recovered an ancient fragment from the dragon and then found the dragons lair where they looted it and Nostra communed with the god Tenith. God of assassins, poison, and the performing arts.

notable events: Nostra fully died and had to expend an Isis Rez to return

exp: 2,700

gold: 300

Noteworthy Postgame Events