April 05, 2022

Game Master


Aphotic Silence 4

Plot Synopsis

Kioni Game

After exiting the Dolphin Temple, Fish tries to befriend a baby octopus creature and its floating fishy friend. He has little success and settles for instead tossing the two creatures into a fish tank to keep them. After investigating the bioluminescent plants around the temple ruins and semi-deducing that they likely grow and subsist off of the residual magic power from the ruins, they backtrack over the bridge towards the Shark Temple. Fish and Maris bully Selene.
Arriving at the Shark Temple, the party reads the runic lettering on its outside: “Test of Strength”. Inside is a coliseum or arena area, with a pedestal in the middle. After Selene and Beowulf strike the pedestal, three tall constructs come out of the walls and initiate a battle.
The party is victorious after a difficult battle in which Selene and Maris were knocked down and healed a few times. Fish managed to strip one of the constructs with Isisite power of their units, only for it to change to a massive golden bow and rain fire upon the party. It seemed that with each construct defeated, the remaining constructs grew stronger and stronger. However, the odds were in their favor. Eventually, the last construct falls and dissolves into blue sparks, lighting another crystal that hits another lobe of the tower, lighting that up as well. The party elects to take time to rest and recuperate among the ruins and glowing flowers before continuing on.

Noteworthy Postgame Events