March 29, 2022

Game Master


Aphotic Silence 3

Plot Synopsis

Kioni game

The party dispatches the guards and throws any surrendering cultists into Fish’s bag. They then attend the ritual proper, avoiding the lottery. However, they trail the chosen citizen to the beach, where an octopus horror crawls up the beach and impales the poor citizen (the bartender at the inn they’ve been staying at) through the chest and begins to change them into an eldritch creature as well. The party rushes to put down the creature, running into a tough fight against the creature, the high priest of the cult, and a few cultists. The high priest and creature beat a hasty retreat into the water and the party manages to kill the cultists and capture the changed bartender, tie him up, and keep him in the pool within Fish’s bag.
They then make their way to the Ra’ite temple, which has been converted to barracks. Luckily, there are few cultists sleeping inside the barracks at the moment, and Fish teleports near the stairs and helps the rest of the party through. In the basement is a locked door, which the party breaks down. They head underground to a portal, leading them to the Caverns of Barathrum: a massive archipelago of several islands and ancient ruins with a huge tower in the middle. Above the tower is the petrified form of the Geneszoic. There are three “temples” whose trials the party must complete to dispel the Dark Lock on the Geneszoic: the Shark, Dolphin, and Whale.
The party first heads to the Dolphin Temple, which contains a complex puzzle. After struggling a while, Maris uses Vormaxia’s power to find the solution, and the party manages to manipulate the puzzle’s controls to open up a passage at the back of the temple, where they witness a huge glowing golden beam of light connect a large crystal in a statue of Barathrum, a deity with the upper half of a woman and the lower half of an octopus,’s hands to a lobe of the tower on the central island. However, the light doesn’t quite yet reach the dark-locked god.

Noteworthy Postgame Events