April 02, 2022

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Ignis Buck Shot


Sherwood Must Die - Episode 1

Plot Synopsis

After taking appropriate time to rest after the events in the Nevami Isles, Ignis, Mesa, Bauer, Damien and Fyen head over to Port Davis looking to settle scores and take back the Time Stabilizer which was passed on to Edward G. Sherwood by operatives of the One With a Thousand Eyes. Meanwhile, Ayuz and Lorenz, having seen the wanted posters for Sherwood circulating throughout the Rhine, dock at Port Davis in their ship: The OSHAn Violation. Upon meeting up, the party heads over to The Shambles, the most destitute section of Port Davis, particularly toward The Busted Barnacle, a truly detestable establishment. There they met up with Savo, a drunkard barely able to stand and walk straight, but with an amazing tolerance for being threatened with bodily and mental harm. He relayed to the party that he was a partner of their employer, but before they could meet him, they needed to help him get to a warehouse run and operated by Sherwood in order to find boots he had lost in a game to the overseer there, and also maybe some important documents he was supposed to gather before they got here, but his boots most importantly. After some swift combat and searching, boots and documents well in hand, the party and Savo headed toward the Via Sodivienki, a thriving market street for Nomadic goods and services. After stopping briefly to commission either weapons, nomadic goods, information, or, in the case of Lorenz, a ballad to sing your glory after the defeat of Sherwood, the party retired, along with Savo, to a small flower shop near the back of the market street. There they met their employer who simply went by Edo, and he quickly explained that the documents they recovered were dossiers on prominent Earth Mages and scientists from on and off plane. The last of these people, one scientist by the name of Dona Trelen, would be arriving later that same evening, and if they wanted to find out any valuable information they could either ambush the escort in town or on the seas. Naturally, party chose the sea, and shortly thereafter they were engaged in naval combat with the Sherwood Pirates. After some miscalculations and misfires, party eventually found Dona Trelen and escaped with two additional prisoners in tow, heading back to Port Davis to lick their wounds and set up for the final stages of their operation.

Noteworthy Postgame Events