April 04, 2022

Game Master


Trojan War

Plot Synopsis

Party was brought to the land of Ancient Greece where King Agamemnon hired the party to help in the siege of Troy. after conversing with both the heroes Achilles and Odysseus. party then set out to the city of Troy to aid in the siege. during the battle Party was attacked by the Trojans and fought their way up the beaches where they then engaged in combat against the hero Hektor. however when Hektor was beaten too quickly the god of war Ares tried to rez him. only for Quin to kill him again. this sufficiently pissed of Ares that he descended to the field to fight party. Bartolomeo was able to get a hit in and thanks to an aut aut crit from Quinn. Party defeated and killed the god of war Ares and Ulykedes was then chosen to be the next god of war (this was discussed with player as they wished to retire this character). party then cut up Ares's body and prevented him from being rezed by taking him to Jaern.

notable events: one PC has retired (logans Character Ulykedes)

gold: 400

Exp: 2,700

Noteworthy Postgame Events