March 26, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Ignis Buck Shot


The Wanderer: Terminating Lines

Plot Synopsis

After being imprisoned by Nevami, Emissary of The One with A Thousand Eyes and Keeper of the Aisles of Time, party was shuffled off to a secure location in the lower subterranean holding cells below the Nevami Isles under the watch of Captain Larsha, the android commander of the Keeper's forces. After a short back and forth discussion where the party attempts to persuade Captain Larsh to betray Nevami, prominent leaders of the Ordos Chronos of the Veiled Empire arrive and attempt to break them out. This initiated some confusing stand offs, where eventually the party breaches containment and begins searching for a weapon to erase all memory of The One with A Thousand Eyes from Nevami's mind. After some fevered searching throughout the subterranean storage cells, they track Nevami down to the Lux Domina Lighthouse for the final confrontation. After combat, Badigadi revives Nevami and turns him into a Namech, his death having severed him from The One With A Thousand Eyes' control. The party receives compensation from The Ordos Chronos, as well as an additional assignment to deal with any lingering repercussions of Nevami's actions, pointing them in the direction of Port Davis, and to a particularly greedy Pirate Lord by the name of Edward G. Sherwood.

Noteworthy Postgame Events