August 13, 2005

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Game Master
Joel Gunderson
Tanis (Barrister Extraordinaire)
Cal "The Jackal" Tepiv
Prince Liston
Bob - Beacon of Orus in Southam


Cargus needs help interdicting a weapons shipment.

Plot Synopsis

The party was hired once again by Cargus and sent to meet Bob (the Beacon of Orus) in Southam. A log that the party stole on a previous mission had been deciphered and the location of an incoming shipment of weapons for the Almarian movement in Southam was determined. Bob hired a Maurajo from MacArthur.s Mercenaries in Southam and put the party on it and sent them out to meet the incoming shipment. After a lengthy battle, the party was informed that the weapons shipment had been a ruse and a mage lord had been assassinated in Southam and his key that allowed him to teleport in and out of the city was stolen. The party was able to port back to Southam and speak with Bob. He accompanied them to Lord Orgauth.s home to retrieve the key. Tanis shaded and went looking around; he ran into a powerful ethereal being that tried to kill him but narrowly failed. The party was nearly discovered while they searched the home but hid in Prince Liston.s .bag. while he hid from the patrols. Prince Liston found Lord Orgauth in another part of the house after the guards left him and was able to surprise them enough to toss Lord Orgauth into his .bag. and make a quick getaway. While Lord Orgauth was in the bag (no pun intended) and the party was trying to subdue him, he was able to cast a spell that ripped Bob.s soul out of his body and sent it to Almar. He was then summarily paralyzed by Cal and covered in Clay by Halima. The party then escorted Bob back to the temple of Orus where he paid the party and they were given items that had been found on the ship to divide amongst themselves.

XP: 2600

Treasure: 5000 falcons per person

Also, three magic items were given out; a breastplate and two rings.

Noteworthy Postgame Events