March 18, 2022

Game Master
Ryan Sciorilli


Multiverse of Madness Season 2 Ep. 001 - The Wreck

Plot Synopsis

These 3 adventurers signed up for Season 2 of the hit TV show Multiverse of Madness, traveling to Buyuk Vahsi for the launch of the first episode. The opening ceremony went off relatively without a hitch, until an unknown entity attacked the contestants as they prepared to enter their launch portal. The stadium was evacuated and the force field activated to seal the threat within the arena, as the party killed it with ease and jumped through the portal. They found themselves in the halls of what seemed to be a ghost spacecraft, left adrift and all but abandoned. Making their way through the corridors, they were able to deduce that the ship had lost power to all systems except life support, which was rapidly running low, and that it seemed as though the ship was being drawn into a nearby nebula. They soon encountered a mysterious warrior who had passed through Midnight's Rest some days previously, who introduced himself as Azir and escorted them hurriedly off the doomed craft, which seemd to vanish into nothingness as they departed. En route to a mysterious place called the European Dead Zone, they were able to learn that this particular timeline for the show had sent them into the world of the Destiny franchise, and that they'd been sent to kill something located on the planet Venus. Azir agreed to transport them there, but requested their help with an issue at his campsite first. Now they travel towards the planet Earth, waiting to see what perils await them amidst the lush forests below...

Noteworthy Postgame Events