March 06, 2022

Game Start Date
Game End Date
Steve Jobs
Game Master
Bennett Clark
Roger Stone


Crypt Currency Sunday March 6, 1:00 PM, In Person, Probably at Krach, Signups in game channel 3 Signups begin tomorrow at 11 Hey y'all, so we’ve got a little bit of a problem over in our small little hamlet in Rougtero. There’s this dead looking fella who lives nearby and does magic. He was actually a terrific neighbor for a while, little secluded sure, and he scares the kiddies anytime they venture near him (poor little Timmy’s been sleeping with the light on for weeks now), but that’s not a crime, but recently he invented this new thing called crypt currency, some weird new magical coin where each one is unique. That’s all fine and dandy, I for one love new innovations of any kind, the issue is that each of these coins of his requires a very large amount of human souls to create, and considering our little town is chock full of the things, well, it’s not a very pleasant picture if you can imagine. He even got our poor mayor, I’m just deputized as mayor till this whole thing blows over. Anyways, come help us out friends, we’ll pay ya of course, plus you can keep anything you find along the way. Thanks a bunch, Deputy Mayor Ned Ropeloop (Meta: Find and kill a lich crypto bro, rate cap of 55, very likely a two parter)

Plot Synopsis

Party arrives in the town of Gloucestershire and through their own means all arrive at the mayor's office where Ned Ropeloop greets them. He gives them the rundown of what’s going on, their Lich neighbor starts sending in his skeleton army to take people’s souls for his new currency, and then sends the party in the direction of some villagers with potentially useful info. Steve “Gary the” Gravekeeper lets them know that aside from the skeletons grave robbing some people, they just steal their souls and leave. Timmy the traumatized child lets them know that the lich has some weird ape like monsters that seem to disappear when he tried drawing them. The elves on the edge of town aren’t targeted by the skeletons, and know the direction they usually leave in, pointing out some tracks. Roger follows the tracks and runs right into a squadron of skeletons led by Boneathan the indestructible skull. Marik catches up right after and insta kills all of them except Boneathan. The rest of the party arrives soon after and destroys Boneathan’s body, leaving only his indestructible skull. Boneathan is then turned into a shield with a face, and promptly unintentionally gives the party the exact location and code to enter the Lich’s lair. THe Lich introduces himself and then leaves the party to try getting through his crypt, which Boneathan trivializes by accident. The party reaches the cryptomancer, who gets repeatedly shot by Ayuz and kicked by clones of himself summoned by Hendrick. This of course leads to him dying and his phylactery being destroyed. The party was given 250 gold each, as well as a magic item.

Noteworthy Postgame Events