March 15, 2022

Game Master


Aphotic Silence

Plot Synopsis

The party: Fish, Shiyana, Selene, Beowulf, Culumbo, and Maris. They arrive on a strange island built on the bones of some massive, ancient creature. A white alabaster cathedral stands on a much smaller island about 100 feet offshore. After looking around the city and noticing that the citizens are all in some sort of strange daze - save for a child. They teleport to the cathedral and find a massive inhuman monster speaking to a group of cultists. Beowulf, Culumbo, Selene, and Maris run away through a tunnel back to the city and find a guidebook to some ritual called the Tithe, that includes a diagram of a 100-day cycle and pseudo-anatomical drawings of strange octopus-like creatures.
Fish retrieves the half of the party that ran and the group reunites back at the cathedral, then engages with the monster and the group of cultists. After a short battle, Fish nearly manages to steal the monster’s soul, but barely misses. The monster then dives into the ocean and disappears.
The party investigates the cathedral, finding little of note, then returns to the city. They find Skadi, a woman who seems more lucid than the rest. She appears distrustful and cagey, but tells the party about the city’s tithe ritual inside an inn. One person is sacrificed in exchange for enough food to feed the entire city for 100 days; the food is strange lumps of flesh that she refuses to eat. When Culumbo asks what they can do to gain their trust, she challenges them to survive the next day, when the cultists will be heavily patrolling the city. (The island appears to be dimensionally locked; Fish’s attempt to teleport back to Centralia fails.)
Maris scouts the beach and spots many cephalopodic monsters, some of which appear to still have human torsos and general humanoid body plans, while others are entirely shapeless. A drunk Beowulf goes to see if their rowboat is still there and gets mildly accosted by some octopus creatures that don’t seem particularly interested in fighting. They damage his sanity, but he appears too clueless to notice. The party decides to go shopping to disguise themselves, and then returns to the inn to sleep.

Kioni is the GM for this game.

Noteworthy Postgame Events