August 27, 2005

Game Start Date
Game Master
Loren Ver
Selina (must play with yarn ball...)
Miss Totten


Reliable people needed to rectify a problematic situation. If interested contact Maeron at the Stopover Inn, 3pm.

Plot Synopsis

Everyone arrives at about the right time and meet up with Maeron. He introduces himself and gets right to his situation. From what he tells them someone is spreading rumors that his people are supplying faulty goods (weapons) which a leading to unwanted deaths. Being a businessman, he explains, reputation is very important so he wants this uncovered as quickly and painlessly as possible. If it turns out one of his business partners is selling faulty goods he wants to know if it immediately. The party agrees to his pay and they are told where to find his ship.

After several days travel, they arrive and Setzer goes for the straightforward approach. He goes to the weapon supplier and asks to look as his wares, posing as a potential client. Using his skills he tries to determine if the merchandise is faulty or not. He determines that the floor model is indeed functional and then decides to actually have them assemble a crated item. This is done and everything seems to be in working order.

While this is going on the rest of the group attempts to gather information regarding the rumors themselves and if there were any reason someone would start them. Nefta discovers that the weapons that are being transported are going off world, but those are not the only ones that are faulty, several locally purchased weapons are also not working correctly (i.e. parts breaking when they shouldn.t).

Miss Totten is able to discover that there is an off world conflict going on and the company in question is supplying weapons to the defenders. The weapons are failing allowing the defenders to be overrun.

Miss Totten, Setzer, and Selina regroup and while walking back from the office they are paralyzed. Selina manages to get herself upright and in the air just in time to be clay jetted. After some fireballing and being cursed Selina is able to chase the attackers away. Once her party members come to they give chase. They do find the man that paralyzed them. It turns out that he is just a hired guy that used several deferred items the osirisite told him to.

Upon meeting up again with Nefta they decided that the local manager here must be doing something to the weapons before they are sold as well as sending someone out to stop their snooping. This is what they report to Maeron.

Noteworthy Postgame Events